You probably heard rumors that villas in Turkey are cheap for some reason, as if they are being given away for free! Well, we decided to address this issue with you, dig a little into the topic and try to understand why villas in this fabulous country are so budget-friendly. Read more of why are houses in turkey so cheap in this text.

Real Estate Sector In Turkey: An Overview


The Turkish real estate sector, according to the data of Statista, is projected to reach about USD 7.16 Tn in the year 2023. The dominance of the residential will persist even in a particular year. Not only this but the value of the sector is expected to reach an annual growth rate of around USD 10.29 trillion by the year 2028. 

Now if you compare the vault of the real estate to the other years, they will carry on with the particular growth trajectory in the times to come. 

How Does Turkey Offer Such Great Opportunity For Real Estate?

Turkey, we all know, is a beautify country where the East meets the West. It is an admixture of stunning landscapes, thriving cultures, and a strategic location. It has created an ecosystem for Turkey to continue creating property demands. 

Synchronizing with the natural state, the government has worked hard on bringing in fiscal reforms so that it turns out to be an idle destination for foreign investment. 

The government in Turkey offers many incentives to the people, both citizens and foreigners. The citizens of the country get many benefits like investment programs and tax advantages, so the country can attract foreign investors. These incentives, along with a bright market potential, make it a great destination for the real estate sector to flourish. 

More facts: Why Turkish real estate is gold

First of all, friends, Turkey is a true paradise for lovers of sun, sea, and beautiful views.

Let’s look at these points here.

Combination Of Nature And Affordability

There are incredibly many places where you can build your cozy villa – from the shores of the Aegean Sea to the majestic mountain ranges. And such options are available at democratic prices. Villas in Turkey are not overrated due to the fact that there is always a choice here. Honestly, where else can you find such a combination of nature and affordability?

Healthy Competition

Secondly, building in Turkey is a process that involves competition. Builders and developers are literally competing to see who will offer the best quality and price. This competition stimulates the development of the market and provides us, buyers, the opportunity to choose from a variety of options at affordable prices.

Growing Tourism Sector

Third, in Turkey tourism is a national treasure. Magnificent resorts and old monuments attract millions of tourists every year. And when there are so many people here, of course, and the demand for real estate is high. The Turkish government encourages investment in real estate, which promotes the development of the construction industry. All this together creates a booming real estate market and helps to keep prices within reasonable limits.

Now The Prices 

Now, let’s talk about how much a villa costs in Turkey. Well, friends, here you can find options for every taste and purse. Prices start from modest amounts and rise to impressive figures, depending on location, size, and, of course, the level of luxury. It all depends on your desires and possibilities.

So, friends, we can say villas for sale in Bodrum are so affordable due to a combination of the variety of locations, competition between developers, and the constant demand for real estate. So of course, this is great news for us potential villa owners under the sun!

What makes Turkey an investment paradise

Let’s start with the facts; it’s worth noting the excellent Turkish economy. Turkey is actively developing, and this includes construction.

New Technologies

New technologies and construction methods make the process more efficient and affordable. Builders skillfully use modern materials, allowing them to create quality and durable villas without passing on huge costs to buyers.

Cost Of Living

It is also important to mention the cost of living in Turkey. It is very moderate compared to many Western countries, which is reflected in real estate prices. The cost of building materials, labor, and land here is much lower than in some other parts of the world, which makes the construction of villas more affordable for buyers.

Unique Location!

Drag another story, friends! The thing is, on top of all this, Turkey knows how to draw attention to itself like this. Look at its unique location – between Europe and Asia. Here, in this amazing country, cultures and landscapes converge like nowhere else in the world. Boundless beaches of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, majestic mountains, and historical monuments – all this not only beckons tourists but also attracts real estate investors.

Constant Flow Of Interest

And what’s more interesting is that because of this constant flow of interest in the country. There are always a variety of options for potential buyers, catering to different budgets and tastes. Constant renovation and the emergence of new projects keep the market dynamic and make it possible for everyone to choose.


Another feature of Turkey that cannot be overlooked is its hospitality. Turks always welcome foreigners with an open heart. The atmosphere of friendliness and coziness makes people from all over the world feel at home. And this certainly attracts and motivates people to acquire their cozy corner in this Turkish fairy tale.

Not the least of which is the new life that Turkey is inspired to introduce. Cities, especially those like Istanbul, are experiencing a real urban revolution – construction and infrastructure upgrades are blossoming. Improved connectivity and accessibility are improving the overall value of real estate, making it more attractive to both local and foreign buyers.


So, friends, everything comes together in this country: attention to detail, market competition, low costs, and government support. Having your own villa under the Turkish sun is not a dream but a very real opportunity for those who dream of a comfortable and, importantly, affordable life in this incredible country. So maybe now is the time to realize your dream and become the happy owner of a villa in this amazing corner of the world.

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