Dubai is among the top global destinations for tourists. Whether you are looking for white sand beaches, spas, and hotels by the sea or are interested in a desert safari and shopping spree, the city has it all. 

No matter where you look, amazing experiences are waiting for you. Although Dubai is synonymous with luxury, one aspect of the city is still somewhat underrated – food. Yes people do search for food destination with the question, where to eat in Dubai? 

If you are in the city and not looking for the best spots to eat, you are not getting the best of your visit. 

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Top Places To Eat In Dubai

Top Places To Eat In Dubai

With the best views and environment, it is time to add the taste of the Middle East into the mix. Let us take a look at the top food joints that you can visit with friends and family for the experience of a lifetime!

La Petit Chef

This place gives you more than a meal to enjoy – a meal with a show! Using 3D mapping technology, it projects images on the table while you enjoy your favorite food. 

The place has a wide consortium of drinks and appetizers and even a menu for kids between the ages of 6 and 11!


Dubai has a lot of aquariums and aquatic getaways, but if you want to enjoy your food among the sea creatures, Ossiano is the place. 

It will be no surprise when we say that the joint serves the best seafood with a sustainable program to use up everything with no waste. You can even hire divers for special messages or proposals.

Arabian Tea House – Al Fahidi

Perhaps you want to taste authentic Arabic food while you are in Dubai. If that’s the case, Al Fahidi will make you feel right at home. It is situated in the heart of the old city and connects your tastebuds with the delicacies of the past.

 Established in 1997, the place serves tea with Saloona Laham, Ferni, date cakes, and more in a cosy garden setting. Of course, kids can have their say, too.

Sonara Camp

For those who are into desert safari and the wild experiences of Dubai, Sonara Camp has it. The camps are in the heart of the Arabian desert, and they have eco-friendly camps and zero-waste facilities. You are in for quad biking, dune driving, sand boarding, and the best authentic Arabic food.


Seeking the peak of fine dining in one of the most luxurious cities in the world? At.Mosphere takes the cake. The hotel is situated in the tallest building, precisely at level 122. The place is open for breakfast, high tea, lunch, and dinner. 

The highlight is European food, along with amazing views of downtown Dubai, the Arabian Gulf, and nightlights.


The word means “magic at the water”, and the place exactly encapsulates that meaning. Situated beside the water fountains of Dubai, it is a Thai food experience like no other. 

You can enjoy the fountain show while dining on grilled prawns, roasted duck breast, and various curry options. Of course, traditional rice options such as Pad Thai or Pad Se Eiw are also available.

La Farine

Located in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai, the place treats you with homemade pastries, bread coming right out of the oven, and crafted barista coffee with a twist. Apart from the confections and delicacies, there is a good-sized menu for breakfast, lunch, and high tea. 

If you have kids with you, fret not because there is a kids’ menu, too,, with vegetarian options.


A 60’s style beach club with all the elegance and style, Twiggy is not your average restaurant with a bar. Studded with a turquoise pool at the lip of a white sand beach, you are in for a complete treat with a Mediterranean-inspired menu. 

You can book your lagoon in advance and bask in the warmth of the Arabian desert with tropical drinks. There is no shortage of cold and hot dishes to treat your taste buds. 

As a family, there is a dedicated space for kids to enjoy smoothies and slushies while enjoying the best waterfront in the city.

Different Types Of Dining Experience

Different Types Of Dining Experience

When you plan to visit Dubai, the first question that is sure to crop up for us is, where to eat in Dubai? Yes the world know that Dubai is one of the most international destinations. 

Moreover, it is confluent with diverse cultures, and food is the most important element of it. 

However, when you are discussing the culinary adventure that Dubai has to offer, then this discussion finds pertinence, that’s for sure. 

Therefore we discuss the different types of dining experience that the highly cosmopolitan heaven has to offer. 

Street Level Dining

If you wish to offer your taste buds something straight from the soil, this is a must. Immigrants from different parts of the world usually reach Dubai with their own culinary culture.  

In Dubai, you can taste the most authentic flavors and cuisines, especially Middle Eastern, south Asian and east Asian food. 

Homegrown Enterneur

The next type of food culture that one could observe in Dubai is the home-grown entrepreneurs. 

It include some of the unique culinary experiences like the third-wave coffee, gluten-free desserts and plant-based dining. 

Moreover, you can taste some other fast food options, like Texas barbeque. The list is quite expansive. So, when you are looking to get the best from fresh food grown at home, you can reach for these foods and satisfy your taste buds. 

The freshness of the food will wipe out the question from your mind: Where should you eat in Dubai?

Fine Dining 

This section is unquestionably one of the most notable in Dubai. There, you will find yourself close to different food culture. 

Hence, quite naturally, the dining experience there will be unique. There you have the restaurants discussed above, which serve the best foods from different food traditions across the world. 

Therefore, be it the office arrangements or personal ones, you can blindfoldedly believe in the food culture there. So, where to eat in Dubai? You do not need to worry. 

How Is Dubai Turning Out To Be The Culinary Capital?

Be it the ultimate Middle Eastern culinary experience of heavenly food from different food cultures across the world, Dubai is there. Yes, when you are searching for the answer to the question, what makes Dubai an ultimate food destination, or where to eat in Dubai?

You don’t have to worry at all. However, in Dubai, you can visit different types of food serving the destinations (mentioned above) according to your budget and convenience. So, we discuss some of them in this section. 

So why is Dubai fast turning into a grand, foody city…this one is definitely an answer to your question.

Firstly, Dubai is a confluence of diverse cultures. People from around the world consider Dubai a great destination earning. However, thanks to government policies, Dubai has emerged as a great destination for doing business.

 It is a place of immigrants from different parts of the world. They gathered in the city with their distinctive food culture. That is why Dubai has turned out to be a great destination for a food experience. So if you ask where to eat in dubai, you don’t really have to bother at all regarding it. 

Wrap Up

That’s it for the best eateries in Dubai for now. If you are planning on coming to Dubai to enjoy your time with friends and family, these places are a must-visit. 

Make sure to connect with the joints before coming so that you are accommodated in the signature Dubai style! We hope you have got an answer to the question, where to eat in dubai?

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