Morocco is one of the most visited African countries. Morocco is a beautiful place to spend a relaxing vacation in. No wonder why – beautiful architecture, stunning landscape, unique cuisine makes this place a top destination. If you feel like going out for a vacation and you feel that you have not much of an option then Morocco is a compulsory option. There are some of the serene beautiful places in Morocco which one must visit sometime in life.

As the country is full of fascinating places, we will focus on the most visited destinations that combine the modern approach to tourism and a unique, traditional atmosphere. Morocco is a well-known tourist spot, it has a lot of places to be visited but we look for the best ones.  Read our guide and inspire yourself to discover Morocco – at your own pace!

Here are 5 top destinations of Morocco:

There are many beautiful places in Morocco but we will give you the best of the places that will be worth a visit. If you are planning to go to Morocco then you must definitely visit the places that we have mentioned below. It will be worth visiting in a lifetime.

1. Agadir


A southern-Moroccan city on the Atlantic coast stuns the visitors with beautiful beaches and old architecture, with the ruins of the citadel. It’s the most popular summer resort in the country due to its all-year wonderful conditions for a little break from everyday routine. This place is underestimated as a place worth visiting, many people miss out on this place. People do not like visiting commonplace, but being a commonplace it has a beauty that many other places do not have. Are you searching for a comfortable hotel in Agadir? The chain of Mogador Hotels, known for its high standard of service, is where you should book. 

2. Casablanca


This city probably doesn’t need an introduction. Pictured is one of the best-known melodramas of our times, Casablanca became a symbol of romance. The historical Medina, numerous mosques – it is difficult to not fall in love in this place indeed. Casablanca is also an important transit place and has the biggest port in the country. Get lost in its lively streets!

3. Essaouira


The coastal wind over here is known as Alizee, it retains the traditional culture and the character of the place. It will give you the exact feel of the authenticity of this place. The wind on the beach is so hard that it is nearly impossible to lie on the beach. West-Morrocan city, in the history of which the paths of Portuguese, French, Berber, and Arabic people cross multiple times. As a result, it is known for its stunning architecture with various influences. Its beautiful Medina has been put on the World Heritage Site list. This place Medina one of the most famous places in the world, and it is worth visiting the place at least once in a lifetime.

4. Marrakech


The city of aromas, colors, and sounds – a visit to Marrakech is a pure feast for the body and soul. Its mosques and the Agdal Gardens, filled with traditional small-architecture, catch the eye with beautiful decorations. When you are in Marrakech, remember to visit its markets! Something about Marrakech that no one knows about is that alcohol is available everywhere in Marrakech, but it is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol in Marrakech. Drinking in public is absolutely not allowed, which means you can not drink on the terrace and on the open balcony. If you ever visit Marrakech, you must enjoy it to the fullest. That said, click to visit the Coolest boutique hotels in Marrakech.

5. Tanger


In Tanger, the time flies at a different pace. Through the centuries, this ancient town has been passing from one hand to the other. It made the mark on its architecture – diverse and inspiring. Due to its multicultural and intimate atmosphere, in the past century became a mecca of artists. And so it remains till this day!

When visiting any of these beautiful Moroccan cities, search for Mogador Hotels – a chain that guarantees the best standard at an affordable price. Well-thought interior designs, comfortable, fully-equipped rooms, and attractive offers surely won’t keep you unsatisfied. Enjoy Morocco and don’t be afraid to step off the beaten paths!

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