“All the birds have flown up and gone; 

A lonely clouds floats leisurely by 

We never tire of looking at each other 

Only the mountain and I.”

-Li Po

Never start a debate with a passionate mountain lover about any other destination. Especially not a beach because you will come out of that argument withered and lost. A traveler who finds wanderlust in the mountains will always get this sense of serendipity around them. I once asked such an individual, and all they could come up with when asked to describe the experience from all their trekking expedition was ‘Peace.’ It was a tiny word, but her serene smile and glittering eyes spoke what she couldn’t. I have always found that expression equivalent to that of falling in love!  It is a fortune that our country is blessed with many such heavenly hill stations for all the mountain lovers inside of us. One such desirous destination is Mandalpatti in Karnata. Situated at the Pushphagiri Hill Range at an altitude of 4050ft, this hill station is known for its secluded tranquility and awestruck beauty. So, when you need to just pause from the speed of life, plan your next vacation of absolute bliss among the clouds of Mandalpatti.

Most Alluring Destinations Of Mandalpatti



The closest town to Mandalpatti is Mandakeri, and the distance is just 20km. So, reaching the destination from that point is more effortless. But, Mandakeri being a secluded part of the country, transportation is still a difficulty. Nevertheless not impossible; it just needs a little planning. Now, underneath, I will elaborate on the best routes to reach the town of Mandakeri.
  • Rail: As there are no direct trains to the town, after reaching Mangalore you can choose two routes. 

A train to Hassan, which is 74km from Mandakeri 


A train to Subramanya, which is 103km from Mandakeri.

After reaching each destination, you can find a rented car or bus easily available and reach the town. 
  • Road: After reaching any prominent city, if you wish to relish the journey among the beauty of the hills, then you can take a car route. 

For this, you have three options :

From Mangalore, which is a distance of 211km


From Bangalore, which covers a distance of 284km


From Coimbatore, it is a distance of 3521km

All three routes will take approximately 6 hours to cover After reaching the town, you can easily take the road for the rest of the 17km. Only the last 3km has to be covered over foot because of the restricted reserved forest area. 
  • Trek: If you are one of those authentic travelers. A vagabond at heart, if I may, then you are definitely up for this challenge. 
Although it is tiring but the absolute bliss you will feel from that exhaustion is unexplainable. Not to mention, the view is marvelous and totally worth it!  The trekking route is Abby Falls Junction [5.5 KM from Mandakeri].  Abbey Falls Junction is a shorter route but has a tumultuous path. Although, with a group of travelers prepared with boots and rucksack will be a lively company and an incredible journey. 

Best Time Of The Year 

mandalpatti It is an utter waste to visit Mandakenni during the rain. Although it will probably earn you the most astronomical view of the mountains bathing in the heavy rain embraced in mist from indoors, you still won’t be able to go outside.  The monsoon is best for people who would prefer to stay indoors, like writers searching for a change of location. But, for the adventurous soul, winter is your season i.e., November to January. This time provides the most soothing atmosphere and perfect weather for all the outdoor expeditions. Additionally, this is the time to experience the vibrant yet misty surroundings of the hills. 

Thing To Keep In Mind While Travelling

  • Always take the guided route and do not wonder. Firstly, you will reach faster and secondly, your journey will be less accident-prone. 
  • If you are traveling by foot, travel in groups—that way, any crisis can be averted with companionship. 
  • The hills can be visited 24/7, but the best timing would be 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. As it gets dark sooner and it is never advisable to travel around the mountainous areas after dark. 
  • There is a nominal fee of Rs. 25 each for visiting the Pushpagiri Reserve forest
  • Carry essentials for the journey as you have to travel a minimum of 3km on foot. For Example: Water, Sunscreen, UV-protected sunglasses, medicines [There are no medical facilities nearby].
  • Wear comfortable dresses and trekking shoes.   
  • Avoid bringing infants and toddlers.

Places To Stay Near Mandalpatti

  • Coorg Wilderness Resort -10 km from Mangalpatti
  • Taj Madikeri Resort and Spa -10.8km from Mangalpatti
  • Meriyanda Nature Lodge -8.9 km for Mangalpatti 
All three places have immersive mountainous views and wifi connections for connectivity. All in all, it will provide a luxury-induced rest after an adventurous day. 

Why Mandalpatti 

Covered with lush green, this place allows you to explore the tranquil atmosphere of the mountains to its fullest. Moreover, if you are tired of the city crowd and traffic, Mangalpatti’s serenity will transfer you away from the noises of the busy life and let you rest in the lap of the mountains for a while.  Read More:

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