Find some other things to do at Oktoberfest apart from drink beer so that kids would enjoy it too. It will be a 16-day festival, hence cherish the moment smartly.

Oktoberfest Activities Other Than Beer Drinking

Make the most out of your Oktoberfest experience with the following things to do. These are ideal for non-heavy drinkers.

Beer Drinking

1. Join Traditional Parade

The Trachten- und Schützenzug, is a costume parade that takes place all over Munich. This began in 1835 to commemorate King Ludwig I and Therese of Bavaria’s silver wedding anniversary and is now held annually and broadcast on television.

The parade, in which nearly 10,000 people were required to participate, is held on the first Sunday of the event. Bands, orchestras, and, like the grand procession, horse-drawn carriages make the parade so vibrant.

It is only open to residents of Munich and other distinguished guests from throughout Germany, and it begins at 10 a.m. For the atmosphere to be set, they must all be dressed in historical attire. Along with the city of Munich, the parade will begin at the Maximilianeum and conclude in Theresienwiese.

2. Enjoy The Foods

Oktoberfest is not all about mugs of beer. Most visitors might miss out on the best foods due to heavy drinking. To tell you, German recipes are so fine, including sausages, dumplings, roast chicken, and the famous Bavarian pretzels.

3. Amusement Rides

Oktoberfest also allows you to spend time with family. It has numerous kid-friendly rides and attractions.

Between the hours of 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, you should take your family to a particular area where the rides are so reasonably priced. People there must be non-alcoholic to prevent mess.

4. Buy Souvenirs

At every festival you go to, you always take home souvenirs, right? A mug, keychain, or even a t-shirt could serve as a reminder of that particular moment in your life.

It also works with Oktoberfest, which sells beer mugs, hats, and other items. The majority of the souvenirs are both handmade and refined. For instance, the designs on the beer mug change each year to the event’s theme. It is sold at stalls or in landlords’ tents. The gingerbread heart is another well-liked item you can bring home from the beer festival.

Things to Remember

Perhaps it is your first time attending a beer festival. It was canceled many times due to the pandemic but is coming back to life.

Things to Remember

Here are some tips to alleviate your travel needs:

1. Book Earlier

Oktoberfest is not far off, and booking sooner than the occasion is imperative for a joyful experience. It would suffice to enjoy the festival, which includes a lot of drinking, with a stay in Munich of three days.

If you are the kind of tourist who takes drinking seriously, the event could be exhausting. You may struggle with a hangover, necessitating rest for the next two days.

Choose a tour package that, in your opinion, will meet your requirements throughout the festival. To get the best tent ever, it would be simpler to book a stay months before the event.

2. Clothing

During Oktoberfest, visitors to Munich can also dress in some of the most original outfits. You should join them if you do not want to feel left out because most of the people there are dressed in traditional attire. There are a few stores that will be offering discounted prices on a few items of clothing, such as dirndls and lederhosen. They are also available online, but you cannot try them on to make sure they fit you well.

The experience of attending the festival may be enhanced by dressing in traditional attire. When you feel like you belong with the people in Munich, you will be glad you spent every penny.

3. Transportation

Munich is easy to get around, and you won’t get lost. There are buses, trains, and even underground transportation in their metro system. Your accommodation ticket also explains how to get around the city.

For your convenience, the ticket will be valid on all modes of transportation. While it won’t break the bank, purchasing one will benefit your entire trip.

To guarantee passage through the subways, always bring the ticket with you whenever you leave your hotel room. You might be wondering why some officers won’t say anything to you if you don’t show the ticket, but if you get caught, there will be fees. Each person would have to pay 60 euros. Therefore, if you think you forgot your ticket, you should buy another one to cut costs.

4. Find New Friends

Munich’s friendly population makes it difficult to leave after the festival. You will have a lot of meaningful conversations with amazing locals that you will remember for a long time.

Do not waste time drinking beer; instead, meet new people. It is a joyful festival that also touches the hearts of visitors who made friends there.

Final Thoughts

To summarize everything, Oktoberfest did not become popular for no reason. This is not a 24/7 event so at least know when the tents are closed. It is a flexible occasion made for all ages and a lot of new activities are added each year. Book a ticket earlier to secure your accommodation spot.


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