The cloud above places the home of gods itself, the Meghalaya. Many times the travelers are asking about which is the best time to visit Meghalaya. The essence of the place is very fresh and unique. The temperature rarely goes beyond 30 degrees. Even in summer, the highest temperature is not going beyond 30 degrees.When you want to visit Meghalaya, it depends upon the choice of the tourist. The summer, winter, and autumn these three seasons add different vibes to your traveling experiences. But if you like the rains and the fountains, the rainy season is the best time to go to Meghalaya.Let’s see what the best time to visit Meghalaya is. And we start with the summer season.

1. Meghalaya In Summer Season

Meghalaya In Summer SeasonSummer is the best time to visit Meghalaya for travelers who love to enjoy the green mountains of Meghalaya and the natural fountains. Rainfall is always possible in Meghalaya and Cherrapunji. The average temperature of Meghalaya belongs in the ranges of 12 degrees to 30 degrees. You are thinking about this wide variation, but when you are in Meghalaya.The beauty of Meghalaya is that the place belongs in the clouds. Even in the summer, there is the possibility that you can enjoy the heavy rainfall with the striking rainbow. When you are in Meghalaya in the summertime, you have two options; enjoying the natural green mountains of Meghalaya. And the other is just chilling on your hotel balcony and enjoying the rain and the magnificent views of the rainbows. In the summer season, the whole mountain celebrates different types of festivals, and when you are visiting Meghalaya in the summer, you can enjoy the three-day celebration of Shad Suk Mynsiem. The festival of Chad Sukra is celebrated in the month of April. In these two times, the whole Cherrapunjee mountains and Meghalaya starts celebrating summer. If you are planning to visit Meghalaya in the Summer, the month is the suitable choice for you.

2. Meghalaya In Monsoon Season

Meghalaya In Monsoon SeasonWhen you are in the highest rainfall city globally, every day, there is a chance of heavy rain. And the Monsoon is the prime time to enjoy the heavy rainfall and the fresh green beauty. When you want to know what is the best time to visit Meghalaya for the rain and the fountain lovers, the Monsoon is the right time to take the chance.Every river and the fountains are quite filled up with water. And very few chances of sunny days and the whole mountain is looking like the full green of the lush. From June to October is the time when heavy rainfall is possible in the mountains. As Cherrapunjee and Meghalaya start receiving the highest rainfall, there is always a chance of a small flood.Most travelers are avoiding this time as there is always a chance of heavy rainfall. But for the fountain and the rain lover travelers, this place is like a paradise with heavy rainfall. During this time, the whole atmosphere of Meghalaya is conveying a different vibe. Different kinds of beauty with the downpours create a magnificent look for the mountains. Every river is overloaded with rainwater during this monsoon season.In the monsoon season, when you visit the Cherrapunjee, and the Meghalaya mountains, once see the fountains of the hill. As you know, Meghalaya is not only the home in the clouds. This mountain is home to hundreds of waterfalls and streams.Here are the names of the nine most famous waterfalls in Meghalaya.
  • Elephant Falls
  • Krang Suri Falls
  • Maophalong Falls
  • Bishop Falls
  • Seven Sister Falls
  • Spread Eagle Falls
  • Wakaba Falls
  • Dome Falls
  • Dawki River (For Boating and Scenic beauty)

3. Meghalaya In Winter Season

Meghalaya In Winter SeasonThe winter season is another excellent and best time to visit Meghalaya. In the winter season, there are very few chances of heavy rainfalls, like the monsoon. Little chilly weather is stepping here in October and stays up to November. So the climate of these two months is a little bit cold compared to the other seasons of the mountains.The winter in the Meghalaya mountains is a little bit different than the rest of the places. The daylight and sunny weather of the morning is creating a charming vibe in the mountains. For the winter lover, this weather is magnificent. At the time of the winter season, the rainfall is less, and the little warm sun is making your traveling days memorable.The winter is the best time for the explorers. The Meghalaya mountain ranges are all green and full of many auspicious plants and trees. You can take any tracking trails to explore the mountain ranges. For the trackers, campers, and hikers, this is the high time to take a walk and explore the places.The best beauty of the place is you can enjoy the cloudy atmosphere of the ranges. All the mountain peaks are hiding beneath the thick sheet of fog. The fogs are looking like they start melting in the clouds. The morning beauty of the winter Meghalaya mountain peaks is outstanding. You can see the bright sun is beginning to appear behind the foggy and cloudy mountains. The green peaks are slowly converting into different colors. If you plan to visit the Meghalaya and the Cherrapunjee, take one day out to see the world’s cleanest village Mawlynnong.

Wrapping It Up:

The travelers and the explorers are frequently asking what the best time to visit Meghalaya is? The correct answer is hiding inside your travel-hungry heart and soul. The three seasons are creating different vibes. According to your mind and the requirements, choose the right time to visit the place. The nature of Meghalaya is all-time charming. While visiting Meghalaya, remember that the area has virgin spotless beauty, and the Meghalaya tourism department actively instructed every traveler to use the roadside trash cans. So better try to avoid the use of plastic and non-recycled products. How are you planning your next visit? Do not forget to share your traveling story with us.Read Also:


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